Our Journey


The problem we figured out

Cancer is the second leading cause of death globally and is also becoming a major public health problem in Southeast Asia. Management of Cancer is primarily driven by either surgery or by drugs and/or radiation. However, approximately 80% of cancer patients do not survive more than 10 years. Cancer is a genomic disease, and every patient is unique and different. We need to have customized medicine for any given patient. Many of the current Cancer therapeutics are not customized. CAR-Ts has shown great success in a limited number of hematological Cancers but not in solid Cancers yet.

Our science and solution


We are developing personalized CAR-Ts to target both primary and metastasized Cancers based on our understanding of tumor microenvironments and antigen heterogeneity. CanFins will also develop an allogenic CAR-T platform to expedite personalized CAR-Ts for solid tumors.

Market growth and opportunity

The Global Cancer therapeutic market is ~ USD 150 Billion and is expected to be more than USD 400B by 2027.

Contact for further details:

Amjad Husain Ph.D., MBA,
+91 8861410623


Key Facts

Corporation CanFinis Therapeutics Pvt Ltd
Founded on July 30th, 2021; Headquartered in Kolkata, India
Traction Collaborated with world class academic labs and government hospitals in India.
In licensing from US based Pharma/Biotechs
Provisional patents (working progress)
Area and market size CAR-T cell therapy in Cancer
>$15B USD
Valuation Estimated $10M USD
Investment Not needed now
Next milestone in 24 months Setting up GMP and clinical labs
Engaging with clinical centers
Streamline the regulatory path
Initiation of Clinical POC study
Founders and key leaders Amjad Husain, PhD, MBA (CEO & Co-Founder)
Chandra Ghosh, PhD (Scientific Advisor & Co-Founder)
Dr.Manas K Mondal, MD, DM (Co-Founder & CMO)
Dr. Pinaki Roy, MD, DM (Co-Founder & Advisor)
Pradip K. Majumder, PhD (Co-founder & Advisor)
Dr. Badol Shaw, MD (Co-Founder and Advisor)
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